When you’re tired of talking to yourself, you need professional objectivity and trustworthy support.

When should you look for a business consultant? For needs and situations like these:

Problem Solving

  • Organizational meetings: when outcomes are critical or important decisions are needed RTC’s facilitation helps you reach your goal.
  • For difficult discussions, RTC provides trustworthy, neutral facilitation.
  • Navigating change or managing a crisis in the marketplace or within the organization, we have the tools and experience to see you through.
  • New challenges, growth, or any time people and opinions must come together, draw on our facilitation expertise.

Leadership Development

  • At Leadership Forums, we focus on the needs of leaders, skill and team development, and communications.
  • Our Executive Roundtable Peer Advisory Groups are confidential and non-industry specific, to offer broad perspective and support.
  • Challenge yourself and join one of our MasterMind Groups.
  • The leadership team retreats we organize provide in-depth performance- and team-building to reenergize leadership and initiate culture change.
  • Coaching services are available for specific individuals or teams and cultivate authentic leadership.

Strategic Planning

  • We invest time in gaining a deep understanding of your organization, then facilitate building a roadmap for reaching your future goals.
  • Succession planning has many components. Call on us for the training and strategic coaching needed to get the right people ready for the appropriate roles.

Performance Improvements

  • RTC can help you create high-performance teams and build staff skills to keep pace with organization’s growth.
  • Staff development includes goal-setting, problem-solving, communications, and navigating change. Through training and coaching, we help your team build these skills to support and enhance your organization culture.
  • We coach individuals and teams for self-awareness and authentic leadership; supervisory skills training is available to meet your needs.

Specializing in Organizational Health

  • Developing a leadership team united by a compelling vision, strengthened by mutual trust. Confusion and hidden agendas are replaced by openness, integrity and cohesive leadership that fosters high morale throughout the organization.
  • Mastering communications methods that are straightforward, clear, and effective. Creating a culture of open and productive communication, where secrecy and negativity are dispelled.
  • Instilling a culture of growth, where learning and improvement are constant, and turnover is low. Building an organization that rapidly adapts to change, one that is prepared to identify and seize opportunities as they arise.
Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is someone skilled in the art of guiding others through a process, decision or discussion, engaging participation and maintaining group focus — all conducted with an objective stance — to enable a successful problem resolution.

Why Should I Use a Business Consultant?

  • If you sense a problem that you can’t quite define but need help resolving
  • If you need distance from a problem or question in order to proceed or decide
  • If you have contentious or controversial issues to resolve
  • If you have a team that needs to function more smoothly as a unit
  • If you have new staff that could benefit from focused training
  • If you’re at the top, but want to reach higher and polish your skills
  • If you want to enrich your leadership through participating with peers outside of your organization
  • If you’re ready to plan for the future of your business – succession planning, strategic planning, or grooming future leaders

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