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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
~Maya Angelou

FemCity Collective

This local and online community is a members-only organization overflowing with positivity, inspiration, encouragement and soul. Members connect through local gatherings as well as online and live chats and workshops. The signature FemCity Collective Series is offered monthly; it includes an innovative blend of purpose, education, mastermind, and connectivity, crafted with a diverse pro-women environment and filled with positivity and gratitude moments.

You’ll experience the positivity, inspiration and encouragement that this members-only group provides. FemCity Collective is an organization filled with purpose, gratitude, and soul, connecting members through local gatherings and an online community.

We engage through the signature monthly FemCity Collective Series which blends education, purpose, mastermind methods, and connectivity with a diverse pro-women environment. Founder Violette de Ayala participates in weekly online and live chats as well as workshops.

This is the place to grow, thrive, and build positive life-long relationships with women in your community.

Benefits of Attending

  • Sharpen your skills as you help others sharpen theirs
  • Make new connections and expand your network
  • Stretch yourself as you move out of your comfort zone

Benefits of Participating Regularly

  • Reinforce professional connections with other entrepreneurial-minded women
  • Work toward goals with increased accountability
  • Learn from the perspective, knowledge and experience of others


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Click here to send Nancy a message to participate. At present, gatherings will be held via the Zoom platform. Advance registration is required.



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Executive Coaching

A coach cultivates and enhances the skills and talent you already possess. Not so much a teacher, but more of an outside objective listener and truth-teller, the coach holds up a mirror so that you can see and improve your behavior and interactions and level up your leadership.

You may choose to work with an executive coach for a variety of reasons. Many chief officers find that the need to enhance their skills at conflict resolution is a key factor in the coaching decision. Increased confidence, improved self-awareness as an individual and in their role, and better interpersonal skills are other frequently cited reasons to begin an engagement.

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Strategic Planning

Traditional strategic planning is a comprehensive multi-step process that helps a business to formulate their vision and map out the strategies and actions that will take them there. A sound strategic plan typically includes establishing key elements.

RoundTable Consulting works with businesses and non-profits to develop all strategic plan components, starting from a high-level analysis all the way through individual action items. The end result is that your team is guided through the development of a full strategic plan with deliverables tailored to your unique organization.

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Professional facilitation helps individual executives or groups to identify and solve problems, come to a level of understanding about a certain situation, communicate concerns with each other for the good of the group, share new ideas and work together to build on them, and make lasting changes that include establishing clear direction and next steps.

Facilitation is a industry term used to describe an extremely compelling and effective way of working with teams and individuals that gives everyone an opportunity to be an active and engaging part of a decision making process.  Why is facilitation needed? Why is a facilitator needed?

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Vistage CEO Peer Groups

Effective executive coaching reaches a higher level when it’s paired with deliberate, thoughtful roundtable discussions with like-minded peers. That’s the powerful combination used in the Vistage CEO Peer Group model, and the reason why I have become a Vistage Chair.

Each peer group brings high-performing leaders together in a confidential, limited roundtable setting. Within this environment of trust, walls come down and discussions get real, especially when prompted by thoughtful, probing questions.

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