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Your judgment, good decisions, wisdom and skill have brought you to the peak within your organization. Along the way, mentors may have helped you refine your skills, so you understand the value of an extra set of eyes and an independent perspective on your actions.

Now, your relationship with peers may have changed; the skills that helped you achieve the corner office aren’t the only ones you need, and honest feedback is impossible to find. Or perhaps you do have trusted colleagues but prefer to kick ideas around with an unbiased professional? The view is different from the top and so are the challenges you face. You’re at the top of your game, and like any other elite performer—athlete or musician—the right coach helps you maintain and hone your edge, developing superlative leadership and interpersonal skills.

Every team is complex. Every person is unique. And every problem is different. These are challenges familiar to every leader. I understand where you are. And I can help.

Through a suite of coaching services and activities, I help executives find clarity and develop the skills that will propel business and personal growth.

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My Mission

I believe that authentic leaders transform organizations. Through personalized services—executive coaching, strategic planning and facilitation—I help leaders develop their full potential and skill set and, in turn, cultivate success and effectiveness in their organizations.

By striving to engage leaders in a compelling vision, mutual trust, and clear communication, I help to create a culture of personal growth and constant improvement that strengthens their organization’s business health.

I believe . . .
  • we cannot segregate our personal and professional beings
  • it is possible to be joyful at work
  • our greatest challenges in business don't have to do with the business, they have to do with the people
  • in humanizing business
  • a problem cannot be solved at the surface level

I disrupt the idea that all you need is a cookie cutter solution; I get to the root of the issue. The result is that you feel human again; in control, confident, with more energy and better relationships with yourself and others, and have time to do the things that you love.

My Approach

Each engagement goes through four phases:

  • ASSESSMENT – I begin with a conversation and identify pain points, to build a deeper understanding of your organization and your concerns.
  • PLANNING – I identify your organization’s definition of success and your expectations, as well as any other required deliverables and develop an overarching plan to address your needs.
  • EXECUTION – I work with you to put the plan into action, employing specific methods and tools that are most suited to your needs and goals.
  • FOLLOW-UP – I review and follow up to compare progress to intentions and assess results.You can expect your relationship with RoundTable Consulting to be deep and lasting. Transforming solutions are crafted for your particular organizational needs, in harmony with your core values, goals, and sense of balance. I support you and your team throughout all the stages of the engagement and beyond.

The first step toward growth begins
with your own readiness assessment.

Far from being an instant fix, coaching involves an investment of time and effort and a sincere willingness to engage fully in all parts of the process.

When you’re ready to be coached, you’ll be willing to accept challenges like these:

• Be comfortable with discomfort and the uncertainty of experimentation.
• Explore the emotions that drive actions and embrace your own power and responsibility for change.
• Discipline yourself to focus on your goals, choosing to move forward.
• Seek support and honest feedback along the way.

As you think through these points, give me a call. I will answer your questions and help you clarify your readiness for embarking on a coaching engagement.


Kept us on Track and Focused


“Nancy facilitated a board retreat and strategic planning session for our incoming Board of Directors (medium-sized, South Bend, Indiana based non-profit). Throughout the planning process, Nancy was quick to respond to questions, asked guiding questions, and made encouraging and informed suggestions. Our group responded well to Nancy’s style and approach to facilitation; she let the group set the tone and pace but kept us on track and focused. Our group was able to form a strong initial connection and the resources, plans, and insight that we took away from the work sessions will be extremely helpful for us as we move forward.

I would recommend Nancy and RoundTable Consulting to any group or individual that is looking to engage in a fresh approach to team-building and/or strategic planning.”

Amy Stewart-Brown | President | The Junior League of South Bend, Inc.

Highly Effective Results


“I have worked with Nancy Owsianowski for several years in various capacities –  both personally and professionally. Nancy is direct, highly organized and very effective in how she goes about her work. As the executive director of an education foundation who needed guidance during a major growth period, I quickly turned to Nancy.

Growth can be seen as daunting, often resulting in uncertainty. Nancy’s follow through, organizational skills, and strong understanding of our mission helped us effectively implement tools that have allowed us to clearly identify roles and expectations. She was able to sort through a myriad of ideas, proposals, and hesitations. Nancy incorporated everyone’s passion and expertise into attainable action steps.

Nancy has a depth of knowledge and experience across an array of business sectors. Her strengths are in assessing group dynamics, team building, decision making, and consensus building. I highly recommend Nancy as a strategic facilitator. Her leadership and vision lead to highly effective results. My staff and I continue to see positive results from her expertise.”

Mari Linn M. Wise | Executive Director | P-H-M Education Foundation

Helped Me Gain Confidence


“Coaching with Nancy helped me to gain the confidence to be successful in my role. With her guidance and feedback, I developed effective strategies for prioritizing and accountability. Working with Nancy allowed me to stretch my thinking and re-frame solutions when tackling a crisis.”

Jessica Crawford | CEO | Receive Recovery

My Self-Awareness Increased


“My self-awareness increased dramatically as a result of coaching with Nancy. Talking through real-life situations, having her challenge my thinking, and having the space to consider alternatives were invaluable.”

Seth Hinkle | Business Manager, Halpin | Slagh, LLP

Nancy Was All I'd Hoped For


“Nancy was all I’d hoped for and more as facilitator for The Music Village’s strategic planning process. She led the Board and staff through a well-organized series of steps to pinpoint, evaluate, and crystalize our organization’s future needs and direction. Nancy also spent significant time with The Music Village subcommittees to ensure action and accountability moving forward. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Nancy Owsianowski and Roundtable Consulting.”

Josh Aerie | Executive Director | The Music Village

Having Nancy as a Coach was Great!


“Having Nancy as a coach was great! I completely enjoyed having an unbiased third party perspective into my life. She gave me space to grow and explore myself, and my own environment. She helped me focus my energy and resources to better navigate life.

Coaching with Nancy enabled me to take a step back and breathe before some life moments. This helped me think through situations before I walked into them, and thus helped me get the desired outcome I was looking for or on the other hand realize that it was a no-win situation and just get out of it.

Coaching with Nancy changed how I coach by letting people lead the conversation more and realizing that coaching is a long term process.

Finally watching Nancy coach me was great! Again it really helped give me a different perspective of coaching as well as how to handle logistics.”

Matt Goebel | Veritas Professional Development

Kept us on Track and Focused


“Nancy finds just the right balance between nurture and challenge. She is gifted at coaching you to find the answers you need. When they are staring you in the face, and you don’t realize it, she doesn’t shy away from pushing you ahead!”

Kristine Hilger-Carles | ED Leadership SB|Mish – (ERT member)

Nancy is a Great Facilitator


“Nancy is a great facilitator who creates a professional and welcoming environment that encourages all participants to engage openly with one another. My experience has proved to be very beneficial as I’ve received advice from other talented leaders in our area that has helped me grow as a manager.”

Brian Snell | Art Director | Valley Screen Process – (SMRT Member)

Quote of the Day…

Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.
Mahatma Gandhi

Executive Coaching

A coach cultivates and enhances the skills and talent you already possess. Not so much a teacher, but more of an outside objective listener and truth-teller, the coach holds up a mirror so that you can see and improve your behavior and interactions and level up your leadership.

You may choose to work with an executive coach for a variety of reasons. Many chief officers find that the need to enhance their skills at conflict resolution is a key factor in the coaching decision. Increased confidence, improved self-awareness as an individual and in their role, and better interpersonal skills are other frequently cited reasons to begin an engagement.

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Strategic Planning

Traditional strategic planning is a comprehensive multi-step process that helps a business to formulate their vision and map out the strategies and actions that will take them there. A sound strategic plan typically includes establishing key elements.

RoundTable Consulting works with businesses and non-profits to develop all strategic plan components, starting from a high-level analysis all the way through individual action items. The end result is that your team is guided through the development of a full strategic plan with deliverables tailored to your unique organization.

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Professional facilitation helps individual executives or groups to identify and solve problems, come to a level of understanding about a certain situation, communicate concerns with each other for the good of the group, share new ideas and work together to build on them, and make lasting changes that include establishing clear direction and next steps.

Facilitation is a industry term used to describe an extremely compelling and effective way of working with teams and individuals that gives everyone an opportunity to be an active and engaging part of a decision making process.  Why is facilitation needed? Why is a facilitator needed?

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Vistage CEO Peer Groups

Effective executive coaching reaches a higher level when it’s paired with deliberate, thoughtful roundtable discussions with like-minded peers. That’s the powerful combination used in the Vistage CEO Peer Group model, and the reason why I have become a Vistage Chair.

Each peer group brings high-performing leaders together in a confidential, limited roundtable setting. Within this environment of trust, walls come down and discussions get real, especially when prompted by thoughtful, probing questions.

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